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Rubbermaid 64-PieceTakeAlongs Food Storage Set with 30-Quart


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  • Sizes range from a half-cup to one gallon
  • Includes a 30-quart clear container for storing all 64 pieces
  • Microwave-safe, freezer-safe and top-rack dishwasher-safe
  • Improved lid clicks in place, ensuring contents are secure
  • Contains Twist & Seal containers for soups and sauces


The Rubbermaid® 64-Piece TakeAlongs Food Storage Set has everything you need to take your food storage game to the next level. Picnics, school lunches, sports games, meal prep, potlucks and family gatherings all call for a variety of containers in all shapes and sizes and this Rubbermaid storage set provides just that.

This Rubbermaid 64-Piece TakeAlongs Food Storage Set contains a wide range of sizes, for everything from the giant container of Thanksgiving mashed potatoes to the tiny cup of leftover pine nuts. This set will comfortably have room for an entire dinner for up to 15 people, with individual containers for each dish to keep everything fresh and separated—the pasta won’t mix with the olives, the bread won’t get soggy from the salad dressing and the lettuce won’t get wilted from damaging heat or air.

Rubbermaid food storage is made to work with your lifestyle and keep you organized. Included in the set is one giant 30-quart bin that will fit all the other items in the set, or can be used to store bigger items if you prefer. It can even be used as a serving dish in a pinch, or if you are traveling with your signature salad from your house to a friend’s. With the tight seal lid, freshness is locked in and flavor doesn’t disappear. Rubbermaid products are known to deliver pleasing results, and this set is no exception. They really do think of everything.


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